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Chapter 2
A Helpful Surskit

That night, I lay awake, wondering why Len hadn't answered my question about his arriving here. Surely it wasn't that personal? Maybe time would give the answer.

I looked at Len, who was sound asleep, then back up at the stars. I tried to think wether to try and guess, or to just go to sleep and try not to annoy this singer. Finally, feeling pretty stupid, I whispered numbers to myself and tried to picture sheep jumping over Len and me.


Finally, I fell asleep, but I thought I heard myself whisper to number 14, "Do you have any ideas of how Len-Kun escaped the net?"

But slowly, that mattered less and less, as the world grew black...

Within a few minute's time, I was on board an Altaria, watching the view below...Suddenly, as if it had just appeared there, some portal with a grid design came into focus...I tried to get Altaria to turn left, but it was too late...we went through the portal...and the next thing I knew, teenage figures were surrounding me...

"Max-Bozu! Wake up!"


I opened my eyes. The sun was so bright that I had to shield my eyes. I felt around for my glasses and put them on when I found them.

"What happened?" I asked in confusion.

"You were thrashing around in your sleep. Talking as well. You said something like 'Altaria, turn left! Hurry!'"

I sweatdropped. "I talk in my sleep a lot, is all! It's not anything big, don't worry about me!"

Len shrugged. "If you're sure..."

I stood up. "Well, what can we do today? I'm traveling pretty much every day, and with Onee-Chan and the gang gone, I can't really do that..."

Len put his hands on his hips. "If you can't travel without them, why not track them down?"

Enthusiastically, I exclaimed, "That'd be great!"

We ran to the nearest river to quickly wash off our faces. Len jumped at the sight of a Surskit, but I just laughed and introduced Len to the wild Surskit.

"Surskit! Sur!" Surskit exclaimed, and jumped onto Len's head.

"Ack!" Len yelled in surprise. I laughed.

"It likes you, Len-Kun!" I said.

Surskit wouldn't get off of Len's head. We tried for a bit, but finally gave up and let Surskit come with us.

"A-hem, we were trying to find your sister and her friends?" Len reminded me.

"Oh yeah, right," I said, embarrased that I forgot we were looking for my own sister. I pulled my PokéNav out of my backpack.

"Alright, so I last saw Onee-Chan and her friends here." I indicated a spot on the highly technological map. "And this is where I lost them." I pointed to another spot not too far from where I last saw them. "So they could've gone in any direction except east, or they would've been right before my eyes."

"Very smart conclusion for someone so young," Len said, apparently impressed.

"It's not that good a conclusion," I said modestly. "It narrows it down to north, west, and south, and that's still a lot to decipher."

"Surskit! Surskit!" Surskit said enthusiastically.

"What is it, Surskit?" I asked.

"Surskit! Sur Surskit!"

"I think it said it saw Onee-Chan!" I said with disbelief.
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